Masks of Nyarlathotep Players and Characters

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Alive but Still Indefinitely Insane

  • Flash Granger, reporter for the Chappaqua Tattler - played by KJ

Status Unknown, Probably Dead

  • Clayton Wentworth, big-game hunter and friend of JD - played by Mike P

Probably Dead

  • William J. "Wild Man JD" Davies, a former French Foreign Legionnaire - played by John
  • Bane Vanlandingham, a bored dilettante - played by Carol
  • Professor-Doctor Rudolph Webber, doctor of psychology at Miskatonic University - played by Harold
  • Doctor Etienne Boucher, doctor and biologist - played by Mike F

Background Characters (Still Alive)

  • Doctor Mortimer Milquetoast, associate professor of geology at Miskatonic University - played by KJ

Dead, Retired, or Committed Characters

  • “Handsome” Hank Harrison, a former boxer now on the fringes of the law - played by John (deceased)
  • Leon Thomas, formerly of the NYPD Homicide Detail - played by Mike P (committed to asylum)