Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight

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Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight

Founded by Dr. William Wynn Westcott, one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Created by Dr. Westcott (Imperial Coroner) after his retirement and emigration to South Africa.

Senior Officers

  • Noble Philosopher: John Scott
  • Senior Philosopher: Robert Kane
  • Junior Philosopher: Steve LeBlanc
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Woods
  • Secretary: Carl Sanford


  • Senior Deacon (conducts candidates around Lodge during ceremonies): Lee Young
  • Junior Deacon: Thomas Duddlestone
  • Steward (assistants): David Edgars
  • Steward: Jerry James
  • Steward: Terry Johns
  • Tyler (outside guard):
  • x Chaplain (leads prayer):
  • Ritualist (resposible for smooth flow of ceremonies):
  • Marshal (ensure correct predence and etiquette, including visitors): Michael Black
  • Master of Ceremonies (prepare candidates prior to each degree):
  • Almoner (well-being of lodge members and families): Michael Dawes
  • x Organist:
  • x Orator:
  • x Historian:
  • Charity Steward (charitable causes): Rob Paulson


  • Frank Ballard
  • Ben Marcus
  • Marc Hubert
  • Martin McNeill
  • Joe L. Martin
  • Benny Raphael
  • Neil Warner
  • Daniel Upton (architect, Arkham)
  • Robert Valencia (radio shop, Arkham)


First Degree: Neophyte (Science) Second Degree: Initiate (Philosophy) Third Degree: Master (Magic)