The Flood Episode List

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Episode List

  • Episode 01: Train The posse meet on a train to California and are ambushed by Indians!
  • Episode 02: Tunnel The posse seem strangely hesitant to explore the tunnel that derailed their train.
  • Episode 03: Doctor Hellstromme The posse meet the famous Doctor Hellstromme and fight off some unwelcome intruders.
  • Episode 04: Good Intentions The posse head for Lost Angels aboard the Good Intentions, but somebody doesn't want them to get there....
  • Episode 05: Lost Angels The posse finish up their fight on the Good Intentions, then infiltrate Lost Angels to search for someone.
  • Episode 06: Guardian Angels The posse fight off some Guardian Angels and witness the climax of the Battle of Lost Angels.
  • Episode 07: Recuperation The posse spend time recuperating from wounds suffered and one of them makes a lot of money in an old profession.
  • Episode 08: Fire The posse make their way to Shan Fan, but get a bit sidetracked.
  • Episode 09: Brother The posse get involved in a deadly family dispute.
  • Episode 10: Shan Fan The posse arrive in Shan Fan, and are tasked with rescuing an important person.
  • Episode 11: Amulet The posse complete their rescue and must now find a powerful artifact.
  • Episode 12: Rings The posse are initiated into the Explorer's Society.
  • Episode 13: Bargain The posse strike a bargain with a Shan Fan triad leader in exchange for an item the Explorer's Society needs.