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Places and Politics

You are members of the Orlmarth Clan, which is part of the Colymar Tribe. Your clan is located on and to the east of Starfire Ridge. The center of your clan is Old Man Village. The King lives nearby in Clearwine Fort.


It is currently 1618.

Important NPCs

Chieftain: Gordangar Kenstrelsson is middle-aged, generous, and traditional. His father (who used to be King of the Colymar Tribe) was killed by the Lunars at the Battle of Grizzly Peak (in 1582). He is friendly with the current tribal king Kangharl. He supports Temertain, but fears that he is too weak to rule.

Priest: Savan Thundermaker is the full-time priest of Orlanth and is Gordangar's brother. He is a passionate defender of the Royal House of Sartar.

Priestess: Morganath White Eye is the full-time priestess of Ernalda and lives near and in Orane's Loom. She has powerful healing magic, and lost her eyesight when the Crimson Bat (a powerful Lunar chaos demon) devoured Runegate.

Lawspeaker: Orlgard Korlmarsson is an elderly thane from a rival bloodline to Gordangar. He is wise and discerning and his advice is followed by prudent carls. He is not a warrior, but he has lost his father, brother, and two sons fighting the Lunars.

Champion: Erinina Copper-Axe is the most ferocious warrior of the clan. She is a Vingan warrior-woman, and half her head is shaved (shoulder-length on the other side and dyed blood-red). She is covered with tattoos and wields a huge copper axe. Debate is not her strong point.