Recording Technology

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The game is recorded on an iRiver 800. It has 256MB storage capacity. A Sony stereo microphone (ECM-DS30P) is plugged into the line-in port.


The MP3 file is copied to my Mac, then loaded into Audacity. I apply the Noise Reduction filter (using a sample of the ambient room noise), then 6:1 compression, then either 6 or 12dB of amplification. The file is then exported as an MP3 file at 64kb bitrate.


The Masks of Nyarlathotep, Day of the Beast, and The Haunting voice-overs were put together using GarageBand with me recording the main audio track. The intro to Adventure! Serial 1 was pieced together from snippets of the pre-adventure hooks which were recorded and edited with Audacity, then placed into GarageBand. The final audio was then sent to iTunes.