Realm of Shadows Episode List

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Episode List

  • Episode 01: Doctor Quigley The investigators assemble! Private Investigator Ethan Hill brings some colleagues along to Doctor Quigley, who is hiring Ethan to find and return his wife and daughter.
  • Episode 02: Following Leads The investigators ask questions and pound the pavement in Greenfield following leads.
  • Episode 03: The Kiel Farm The investigators go to the Kiel Farm and find the inhabitants are not very welcoming.
  • Episode 04: Ghouls The investigators speak to Katharine Quigley, do some more research and "looking into things", and decide their employer is not what he seems.
  • Episode 05: Taken For a Ride The investigators have a bad experience in a car.
  • Episode 06: Cemeteries and Mortuaries The investigator begin looking for evidence of ghouls and their tunnels in the cemeteries and mortuaries of Greenfield.